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Where can I purchase Amame products?

For now, Amame products are only available to be purchased online at this website and on Amazon.

My product arrived in solid form instead of a liquid, is that ok?

Yes, in colder temperatures, it is possible for the oils to solidify in transit. Don’t worry, it will melt in room temperature and be ready to use in no time!

Why did my product arrive with a cap, instead of the pump in the photo?

Amame ships its oils with the treatment pumps on the side because the essential oils can degrade the tubing in the pumps after longterm exposure. Thus, make sure to check your box for the pump as it should be wrapped up inside as well. If there is no pump in the box, please email us at info@amameorganics.com and we will make sure to get one out to you asap!

Are Amame products USDA Certified Organic?

Yes, all Amame products are USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. You can find both the USDA logo and the Oregon Tilth logo on all packaging.

Are Amame products tested on animals?

No, all Amame products are Leaping-Bunny certified cruelty-free. We love our furry friends.

Where are Amame products manufactured?

They are manufactured domestically in the U.S., on the West Coast.

What does Amame consider when creating new products?

First and foremost, Amame uses natural, organic, and sustainable ingredients. Amame likes to keep things simple, and prefers to use higher concentrations of a limited list of ingredients vs. using tiny bits of an entire laundry list of ingredients. One of the reasons Amame was founded, was because its founder was tired of reading mile-long, confusing, ingredient labels when looking for products.



How are Amame ingredients sourced?

Ingredients for Amame products are sourced both domestically and overseas. Unfortunately, not all desired ingredients are grown domestically in the U.S. Amame does not use any animal ingredients or ingredients derived from petroleum. Also, crop sustainability and biodegradability are taken into account when sourcing ingredients. Amame wants to avoid any ingredients which pollute the earth and/or add to landfills! We love our planet!

Does Amame use any synthetic ingredients?

No! All ingredients used by Amame are natural.

Does Amame use cold pressed oils in its products?

Yes, the oils Amame uses in its products are cold pressed.

Do Amame products use water?

For now, Amame's strategy is to limit the use of water in its products and eliminate it where possible. This is for multiple reasons. First, water is a scarce resource, and in an effort to create the most sustainable products possible, Amame is trying to avoid the addition of water. Also, for many products, water is not necessary for the efficacy of the products. Many products do not require water, and if they do, water can be added later by the consumer just before the product's use, such as adding water to a powder to apply a face mask.



What is Amame?

Amame, meaning "love me" in Spanish, is a company devoted to offering USDA Certified Organic skincare products that are produced ethically and sustainably in the US, and are made with limited ingredients you can pronounce.

Why is it called Amame?

Amame is a nod to founder, Sasha LoPresti's, Venezuelan heritage. It is also a name that represents the importance Sasha feels for creating a company that reflects love and respect for all people, our amazing plant, and reminds us to love ourselves.

Do you send samples?

At this time, we are not able to send samples of our product.


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